Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congrats, Martin!

Little Max Rogers has arrived, probably kicking and screaming, into the soccer world.

From Martin:
Hi guys, Max Joseph Rogers born at 2.03pm UK time on Monday. 7lb7oz - 16 days early!
Back home already and doing really well. Hope all's well with you guys.

Sorry, U.S. fans, Max was born in England, so he's probably already sporting a little Three Lions onesie. Martin is across the pond right now to be with his wife and new baby (and also cover some of Euro '08).

We'll see his progeny when the family returns Stateside to their OC home. I'm not surprised that Martin dropped in on our blog to share the news, he knows Luis and I check here about as often as we do our email. It's good to know Max is hale and hearty, and it's not surprising that he wanted out before he missed all of the tournament!


L.B. said...

Welcome to the club, Martin! Although I've got two daughters, I'm sure I'll be able to share tips about babies and all that good stuff.

Martin Rogers said...

Cheers guys!
Any advice gratefully received!!!