Monday, June 16, 2008

Alternating Conclusions Ranking

1. New England Revolution - The class of the league.
2. Los Angeles - Buddle and Beckham get the job done without Donovan or Ruiz.
3. Toronto - Still have trouble on the road, but are solid gold at home.
4. Columbus - Sigi managed to shake the Crew out of their slumping slumber.
5. Chicago Fire - Perhaps they do need Brian McBride after all
6. DC United - He's alive! Luciano Emilio is back in a big way.
7. Houston Dynamo - At least they beat the Revs when it really matters.
8. FC Dallas - A respectable stint for Marco Ferruzzi.
9. Colorado Rapids - Can't derail the Toronto home juggernaut
10. Chivas USA - Loss to brother expansion side RSL especially stings
11. Real Salt Lake - A rare road game win should be savored
12. New York - Granted, no Altidore, Angel or Reyna, but NY should manage more attack.
13. Kansas City - KC was supposed to be happy at home, but that was ruined this week.
14. San Jose - Dead last again.


RHYbread said...

With the way LA has been looking sans Landon/Ruiz and what we know of how they look with Buddle/El Gordo/Landon + Beckham, is Ruiz pretty much tradebait if he doesn't put in some convincing performances the next few games?

A.C. said...

He might be - but scoring four times for Guatemala shows Ruiz can still be useful. Right now, Yallop would love to have Gullit's forward options.

The Hammer said...

I'm crossing my fingers for LA to reach top of the list and top of both of your rankings. Then I will be able to say my team REALLY earned it. You two are tough graders, I feel especially (though unintentionally) tough toward Galaxy.

Anonymous said...


if the rumors of the galaxy signing the honduran centerback are true, and if he acclimates to MLS relatively quickly, then there is no need for anyone on the galaxy to become trade bait.

for the past few years the galaxy's trades have all come from a position of weakness. i say unless someone approaches the team with a sweetheart deal (like say chad marshall and robbie rogers) then forget it.

RHYbread said...

Honduran centerback? I suppose I missed something during finals week but I can't even find anything looking in the usual places. Anyone have some info?