Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time left?

Okay, well, the Galaxy is up to its old tricks. The club has turned up its game and is accumulating points at dizzying pace. The Galaxy beat Houston 2-1 and has now won its third consecutive road win and fourth consecutive game overall. Instead of debating if this is one of the worst teams of all time, now suddenly we're left wondering if this team has enough time to get into the playoffs.

The Galaxy has 30 points following Sunday's game. Columbus is ahead of the Galaxy with 31 points while Chicago sits in the eighth and final playoff spot with 36 points. Kansas City has 37 points while the Red Bulls have 39. Colorado, who plays Toronto later today, has 29 points. The Galaxy has three games left. All the other teams have two (Colorado has two plus the Toronto match).

Here's the remaining schedule for each team fighting for a playoff spot.

New York (39): Kansas City, at Los Angeles
Kansas City (37): at New York, at FC Dallas
Chicago (36): at DC United, Los Angeles
Columbus (31): at New England, at DC United
Galaxy (30): Toronto, New York, at Chicago.
Colorado (29): Toronto, at Chivas USA, Real Salt Lake

There are plenty of scenarios around but the race to see who loses to Chivas USA and DC United in the first round is still very much alive.


Gene said...

I still say they don't make it. This improbable run has to end somewhere.

But I have to give Galaxy credit for not "mailing it in" at the end of the season. I also have to give credit to Yallop for getting the results out of, let's be frank, not much in terms of player personnel.

Anonymous said...

What tie-breaker will apply if Galaxy should end up tied on points with either Chicago or KC?

Advocate said...

What tie-breaker will apply if Galaxy end up tied on points for the last playoff spot with either Chicago or KC?

Jonathan Geissler said...

Luis, RBNY actually has qualified for the playoffs... since C-Bus lost vs. FCD. It's hard to explain but Dan from MF tells the story brilliantly here:

My Opinion Over Yours said...

I wouldn't be so fast to think that Chicago isn't working hard to draw Chivas over DC. While the Wiz's are dangling on a string the Fire have to be confident they can pull out an upset over Chivas (given the way the last match turned out).

Actually, I would bet that DC and Chivas would both prefer playing KC.

Anonymous said...

the funny part is; if the Galaxy win out they are in. the math works in their favor by having a game in hand and the final game is against Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting scenario is: If KC gets stuck at 37 points, LA wins 2 [36 pts] and Chicago... well it doesn't matter what Chicago does in this case,

NY - 42
KC - 37
Los Angeles - 36
Chicago -36


NY - 42
Chicago - 39
KC - 37
Los Angeles - 36

LA and Chicago's game is the only Sunday game, so at this point they'd know the standings, and both teams could settle for a handshake draw that would see them both through and KC out.

Nathan said...

If they win out and if Chicago takes at least 3 points from their next game, then the Gals are in on head-to-head performance with the Fire, since they will both be level on points.

JT (Chicago) said...

As a Fire fan, I'd rather they finish 7th so they could face east division teams. I think it'll be much more difficult to get out of the West bracket with Houston & ChivasUSA waiting to book their passage to the Final.

Those three lost 1-0 leads which resulted in draws for the Fire could come back to haunt the Fire even if they make the playoffs.