Sunday, October 14, 2007

Streak over

I'm not at the Home Depot Center today, so I watched Chivas USA lose to Colorado on television instead.

Colorado deserves credit for never lying down and fighting until the end, even while a man down. They scored both their goals with that disadvantage. Chivas USA players just seemed to lose their concentration after the tying goal. They seemed content with the tie. I don't know who failed to pick up Omar Cummings on defense, but that was a big mistake.


Anonymous said...

Guzan could have maybe picked up the ball on the second goal instead of allowing it across his the goal's mouth. The whole defense seemed to be sleeping at times today.

Anonymous said...

Happy now?

Matt L said...

I saw it like this: Chivas pushing for the game-winner and dominating possession. They were making a push for the Supporters Shield.

They get several chances at a game winning goal but can't convert. A man-up they take more risks, including pushing Claudio forward. Colorado gets 1 break-away and converts.