Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saying sorry


I don't think Solo really has a choice here.


Anonymous said...

I think she has managed to show who the bigger person is in this whole sorry mess.

At least someone will take responsibility for their actions.

Are you listening Coach Ryan?

Anonymous said...

Sad. If Solo was male, we would say she had been thoroughly emasculated! Here, a woman with "balls" has been, unfortunately, made to mesh with a truly gutless group.

Joan said...

So who will hold the coach and the team leaders accountable? Or are we 'distracting' them with our unrealistic expectations of people who call themselves "role models"?

Anonymous said...

THis is pure, utter public humiliation...nothing more, nothing less...

This could have been handled so much better-now Ryan, Lilly and SCurry need to be retired-forcefully, and soon.

Diane said...

Perfect. Now if they lose they can blame Hope for letting down the team by "deciding" not to dress for these games. How was that her decision to make anyway? I guess Ryan's too busy ducking and covering.

The team just keeps sounding more like a schoolyard at recess, if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

A. C.

Why don't you think Hope had a choice?

Interesting that she apologized publically. Now that that's cleared up, I'm still waiting for Briana Scurry to apologize for her 2004 comments re: Siri Mullenix.

Anonymous said...

So now what? Now we are teaching our little girls to be cruel to teammates who make mistakes? Mean girls in junior high and high schools everywhere must be cheering.

Will we be treated to constant displays of Solo groveling until this bunch of vindictive, passive- aggressive, harpies, led by their nimrod Iago, feels they have squeezed enough blood out of this particular stone to slake their thirst for vengeance?

You would think that Dr. Sunil would put a stop to this travesty if only to save the image of the US Harpies National Team but maybe that is expecting too much. After all they just put Mexico, that up and coming world power, to the sword in a display of “heart” even if Scurry let in another soft goal. Obviously this shows that they are better off without Solo and that Ryan is a great coach.


Anonymous said...

If Hope wanted to remain on this team for the Olympics (who wouldn't?), then she had no choice, even if it was her third, fourth or fifth apology.

Coach & "Team Leaders" apparently didn't like the first 3!

1) Well done Hope. You haven't won this battle, but you will win the "war". It is you who is the giant among (wo)men.

2) Coach Ryan, where is your apology to the Team, the Fans & Hope for your bumbling. Take responsibility and RESIGN if USSF hasn't got the balls to fire you! If they renew your contract, kiss GOLD goodbye. Go Canada!

3) Where is the public "Team" apology to the Fans & to Hope for the amazingly graceful way you have all handled this entire affair!



A Cdn U18 Girls Coach who still doesn't understand!

Anonymous said...

Ryan quote from quote sheet:

On Hope Solo's statement:

"I think Hope has shown tremendous courage by coming in and initiating reconciliation with the team. I'm proud of her and she's shown a lot of courage. I think she has done the right thing, and that's hard to do. All athletes, it's passionate, it's emotional, but I think she's making the right decisions and I'm proud of her."

Well, you decide, but OMG Coach you disgust me!

Or as I read on another forum, "he is one clueless, happy little idiot" lol

Anonymous said...

1st hand observations from guy at game

This is a bulleted list of observations from the game as I try to get what I remember on "paper" before I forget. I'll try to post a couple of photos if I get a chance tomorrow after I get back home.
I won't summarize the exact details of the goals etc. b/c You will get a better accounting from the real sports writers.
- Approximately 10900 fans in attendance.
- Overwhelmingly families and younger girls in attendance.
- Literally only a handful of people that seemed to know or care about what went on with Hope et al (No real visible acknowledgement of things). No booing of anyone...period.
- 3 Signs that were kinda funny and pointed. Two local soccer fans that I met named Justin and Ben brought a lifesize stormtooper cutout with Hope's face on it. They also had a sheet with "Ladies your coach failed you" Third was a sign that I held at various points "Hope Apologized, "The Team" Ostracized"
- The US looked flat and were on their heels for the first 25 minutes or so fo the match then it evened out. The second half was dominated by the US.
- Scurry didn't have any real action in the second half. The goal the Mexican's scored was horrible. Scurry stood there and looked dumbfounded as it went it. She didn't make any move for the ball.
- I found it sad/amusing that little girls behind me were saying Scurry can't kick, can't stop goals, and "can't keep the ball inbounds (after she punted it out). It was pretty hilarious.
- Scurry's goal kicks were 10-15 yards short of midfield and her punts from the edge of the box were about 10 yards over the midfield line.
Hope specific observations
- I arrived 75 minutes early for the match and was seated in the 5th row behind the US bench. Hope was out on the field in civilian cloths and was sitting and joking with some member of the training/coaching squad. My personal observation was that he was a "handler" for her. She seemd ok and in decent spirits. "The Team" came out and warmed up and did their thing. Hope went off the field before the announcements and came out after the anthem and team was announced.
The people that interacted with Hope
- During the entire 1 hour plus pre match was the trainer guy and a couple of team/ US soccer folks pre game. Ryan She did have a short chat with Ryan before the match when they were both on the bench. Plain old casual conversation from what I could see.
- During the match on the bench it was the trainer, a person who I think was the team "shrink". During the game the only player that interacted at all with Hope was Carli Lloyd. She sat next to Hope for a while and I did see some conversation.
- Hope grabbed a bag of equipment and left the field within a minute of the match ending while the rest of the team celebrated on the field and signed autographs.
- Thanks to my new St. Louis friends Justin and Ben, we found the team bus right as they were leaving the stadium. We saw Hope in the front seat with the "shrink" lady. The three of us held up the "Ladies your coach failed you" sing and we definitely kow that some of them read it. We also know that Hope saw it and although she remained "composed" she did wind up waving to everyone through the front window as the bus pulled out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those observations.

Great stuff!

Please post your pictures if you can.

L.B. said...

Wow. Thanks for that. That is exactly the kinds of things I was looking for online but couldn't find much on it and then I find it right here.

Excellent write up.

Anonymous said...

here is link to guys post for observations. Ill tell you all when he posts photos

Anonymous said...

Dear Hope,

When's the movie being released?

Prior to the Olympics?

You couldn't write a better script then this real life drama.

Stay Strong Hope Solo

Most of us LOVE you!

Lose the Dope - Keep the Hope

Anonymous said...

So, as it stands now (from WWC and counting):

Scurry: 3 games played; 2W 1L 0D; 6 GA; 2.0 GAA

Solo: 4 games played; 3W 0L 1D; 2 GA; 0.5 GAA

Barnhart: 0 games played.

W = Win
L = Loss
D = Draw
GA = Goals Allowed
GAA = Goals Against Average

ghostwriter said...

To anon with game account: fabulous, thanks.

To AC: I, too, am confused as to why she has no choices. Does her contract obligate her on into next year, the Olympics and beyond? If not that, is women's soccer world wide so limited that her prospects elsewhere are that unattractive? Don't you think she's got a great shot at the '09 pro league here?

One other random thought...there was a post on this site some time ago by Rtt281 wondering if Solo had refused a public appology to Ryan while in China and that resulted in the banishment, etc. I answered that saying there was no evidence she'd been defiant in that regard. Now we see a public appology including a clear unambiguous mea culpa for the Ryan portion of the China rant and suddenly Ryan is saying "I'm proud of her", not "we'll see"....what do you think, does Rtt281 have something here after all? Was this a precondition for getting back into the club?

This whole deal gives me a headache!

A.C. said...

Her contract runs only for this year, I believe. I could be wrong. Solo's contract does her no good if the coach won't play her and her teammates can't stand to look at her. To go play in Sweden is career national team suicide - just ask Milbrett.

I guess I should have written that Solo has no choice if she wants to play for the national team again.

Anonymous said...

Most of us knew that's what you meant.

charlton heston said...

This really pisses me off even more. Hope's first apology dealt with the way it may have come across but not the content of her speech. Now, it seems she's been fully brainwashed (Castro style) by falsely consenting to words she did not express but were misinterpreted by the masses. Basically, she's admitting to guilt where there is none.

I have lost all respect for this team and now Hope for not having the courage to stand up to this and leave for Europe. Why is she still there with this loser sorority squad?

It simply baffles me that Hope is going to these measures to gain acceptance where it should be the other way around. Have an ounce of dignity Ms. Solo.

F Sunil Gulati
F Lilly
F Abby
F the rest of the team

You are all losers.

charlton heston said...

Maybe one day, AC, you can do a brief synopsis of players who were cat aside (like Milbrett) because they enjoyed there self esteem.

I think whatever the story with Milbrett was, Hope should do the same and leave for richer pasture.

Anonymous said...


Hope wants to play in the Olympics. Surely you can understand that?

But at what cost? I agree.