Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quote salad

Donna Kenney-Cash, Landon Donovan's mother, on the biggest sacrifices she made for soccer: I think giving up your weekends for club soccer. Not so much me, but the other siblings. They had to give up part of their lives for soccer. I don't think it was much of a sacrifice. It was just part of our family life. It felt normal to us.

Bob Bradley, USMNT coach, on where Donovan will play: Landon is an attacking player. Lately, when I watch players around the world - like Ribery and Rosicky, I see qualities of energy and qualities of creativity that are so important to Bayern Munich and Arsenal, and I think those are the kind of things that we want to continue to challenge Landon to do for the U.S. team.

Chris Albright, on how Donovan has matured: He's grown over the last four, five years. His wife has a lot to do with that growth as well. Behind every good man is a great woman. He chose well.

on returning to play for the Galaxy with David Beckham: We're going to be subbed in together, hand in hand.

Brian Quinn (ex-San Jose coach) on Bob Bradley: I think Bob is a very astute coach. I think the national team will keep moving forward.

Alexi Lalas, LA Galaxy general manager, on his beard: You don't mess with a streak. I started growing this and then we stared winning and then I thought, "Oh, can't shave now". We kept going and going. You don't mess with a streak - to my wife's complete dismay, but she understands now. We have had very few streaks this year, so I just needed to do something.
(I asked, 'So this is your playoff beard?') In a weird way. Usually, people do that in the playoffs. This is a just-get-to-the-playoffs beard.


Anonymous said...

Great quotes! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"We're going to be subbed in together, hand in hand"

HA!! Wouldn't that be something! Can we get a triple sub with Goldilocks, Goldenballs, and Fluffy all returning from injury holding hands and skipping?

I'm glad we're getting these 3 back. Should give the team quite a boost.

The only position that still needs help is forward. We have 4 guys that can score [Buddle, Glinton, Gordon, Pavon] but none of them on a consistant basis. Trying to pick which one of them to start next to Donovan is like playing Russian Roulette.