Sunday, October 14, 2007

No Cacho for you

Juan Carlos Cacho scored a pair of goals as Mexico overcame a 2-0 deficit to tie Nigeria on Sunday 2-2.

Cacho, though, won't be joining the team for Wednesday's match against Guatemala in Los Angeles. It's just part of Hugo Sanchez's plan of attack for this window.

Other regulars who won't make the trip are Fausto Pinto and Gerardo Torrado. Hugo Sanchez will instead go with a younger squad as players such as Patricio Araujo and Omar Arellano will join the team in their place.


Anonymous said...

While UNAM has historically been the main feeder to the Mexican national team, and Chivas has taken that role lately, it seems their contributions will be shortlived. Pachuca has stepped up as the team that's contributed the most players to the national team in the last few call-ups. Both in players currently on the roster, and players who are product of the Tuzo youth system.

Jaime Correa
Fausto Pinto
Juan Carlos Cacho
Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez
Paul Nicolas Aguilar
Alfonso Blanco
Humberto Hernandez
Omar Arellano
Luis Angel Landin

That's almost a full team. Players in pretty much every position.

JT (Chicago) said...

Entertaining match to watch and good for youngsters to play a tough opponent. Nice that Hugo is bringing in a couple more to get their feet weet against Guatemala.

LB, will you offer your assessment of Hugo's first year after the Wednesday match. Some negatives early, mostly positives overall, I think.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand watching Cacho play. He is slow, loses a lot of balls with a defender on his back, and for every good pass he makes, he botches a couple of finishes. Reminds me of Emile Heskey on a bad day or Brian Ching on a bad day.

I know this is being critical but if Mexico is serious about contending for a deeep title challenge in S.Africa, than I think he's bench material. There are plenty of other intriguing options.

I was impressed with Obafemi Martins for Nigeria. Clearly he is on another level. He made Salcido and Magallon look silly...time and time again.

I also think the Magallon and Salcido center back combo is a losing combo, they committ lots of mistakes and they make some serious situational mistakes. I mean giving up a PK in the 92d minute. It seems like Mexico gives up way too many goals deep in injury time or at the end of a half.

Just clear the ball into the stands boys. Overall, it was the type of physical and skilled oppponnent they need to play.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous re: feeder club

Don't forget Atlas:

-Oswaldo Sanchez
-Danny Osorno
-Miguel Zepeda
-Jared Borgetti
-Pavel Pardo
-Rafa Marquez
-Andres Guardado

To name a few.