Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Never can

Say Goodbye.


Samantha said...

Phew, I thought Chris was having second thoughts about retiring. I love him! He's an important part of the Fire family. But it's just time for him to exit stage left.

Michael said...

I hope Cobi stays. It would be nice to use him the way we've wanted to for the last couple of years, as a late game sub. I think he'd be very effective this way.

Not to change the subject but could you look into stories regarding the following Galaxy related items ?

(Perhaps future stories)

1) What is the status of any kind of youth acadamy?

2) What is Paul Bravo's day to day job at the Galaxy and has his new position modified Alexi's job in any way? The galaxy fan base would like to know who makes the decisions now to bring in players, is it Bravo? Lalas? Yallop? Or a combination of the three? Do some people have more influence then others.

3) Can you find out (perhaps from Bravo) What does the club do to scout central and south america? It seems like the majority of success stories in MLS this season with regards to foriegn signings are with young and hungry south americans, has the Galaxy done anything to tap into that ?

Thanks, if you can get answers to any of these questions.

Jonathan Geissler said...

Luis or Andrea, Is Razov and/or Galindo injured for this weekend's games?!?
I must know by 5:oo PM ET for my fantasy team!
Please help me, cuz MLS's injury report blows.