Thursday, October 18, 2007

God save the English national team

Suddenly, England's hopes for Euro 2008 need some divine intervention.

Incidentally, I told Andrea that I thought England got hosed on the penalty kick but she wasn't quite in agreement with me. It was a foul, just a question of whether it was in the box and I didn't think it was inside the area.


A.C. said...

My point of view was taking into account FIFA's "continuation" policy.

FIFA made it clear last year that a foul may begin outside the penalty area and conclude inside the penalty area – in which case, the referee should award a penalty kick.

Jim said...

Yeah, but what does FIFA know about soccer...?


Anonymous said...

that should "free" Becks to play in the MLS summer games next year then (if he's healthy obviously)

still I wish Becks those 3 more caps to make it 100


Diane said...

To my eye it didn't continue inside. I thought it was a bad call.

Still, the ref, the plastic, the possible strategy tweaks, one missed shot, whatever. England showed up and played, they didn't roll over, they got beaten by a really good team. That match was never going to be a walk in the park -- even a grassy park on a sunny day.

If they don't qualify it will be because of their poor performances at the beginning of the campaign, not this one outing.

MC said...

I wish England had won the last world cup so Beckham could've gone out on a really high note. I really am at a loss to see a penalty starting outside and ending inside, unless we are talking about a dive. Either way, it puts an image of a long, slow motion dive in my head when I think about it.

Anonymous said...

It appeared to me that Rooney was guilty of no more than brushing up against the other player, and the other player probably made more contact with Rooney when he pushed of his arm. It was probably a foul by the definition of the rules, but the other player definately made a meal of it and the fould was pretty much over before he reached the box. If the refs are going to strictly use the FIFA rule AC quoted then we will have Carlos Ruiz taking contact 5-10 yards outside of the box and then propelling his flailing body into the box to try to get a PK. The ref's need to use some common sense here.