Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First steps

The first step towards a dream Copa Sudamericana matchup (at least for Mexican soccer fans) is well underway.

America beat Vasco da Gama 2-0 in Estadio Azteca while Chivas tied Arsenal de Sarandi 0-0 in Argentina.

For America, a pair of America veterans hooked up for the first goal as German Villa set up Duilio Davino for a goal. The match also kicked off the Daniel "Ruso" Brailovsky era triumphantly.

Chivas, meanwhile, got a somewhat positive result. Against DC United, Chivas lost the first leg but still won the series with a 1-0 home win. A similar result against Arsenal in Estadio Jalisco would do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Should have been a 4-0 America victory. Easily.

I think Vasco is going to be tough in Brasil, they have a really good squad, so 2-0 may not be enough to hold up.

Anonymous said...

Also forgot to mention. El Ruso Brailovsky has the team playing aggressive and attractive football after just one game!

JT (Chicago) said...

Michel played well for Chivas last night. Both sides had chances but the result has to favor Chivas going home for the second leg. LB, any idea why Bravo was left at home?

We need him to get back to scoring form soon.

Anonymous said...

I think Bravo was given a leave due to personal reasons. I think he had something happen in his family, which might explain his horrendous form this season.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Any time you fail to score a goal in the first leg of a home-and-home series where the "away goal" rule is in effect, you're in a bad place. Not terribly bad, but bad nonetheless.

America is in a great position. The 1-0 lead was good, but the 2 goal advantage is even better. It gives them the platform to come out and attack to try to get that away goal, but more importantly, it gives them some room for error.