Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DC-Chivas quotes

A couple of things that were said after the game.

Ramon Morales of Chivas
scored a nifty goal to send his side through to the next round. He didn't taken DC lightly.

Give DC credit. They came here to play and the important thing is that they had a great mentality and fought the entire game. The good thing is that we scored the goal that helped us advance.

DC coach Tom Soehn on the match. It's hard to do this sometimes - translate something from Spanish to English that was originally said in English. It loses something in the translation.

Our players were upset over the foul on Luciano Emilio and that hurt because on the very next play they scored. The rest I think was fine. They were very aggressive and we came to defend. After the goal, it was obvious we had to open up in order to try and equalize.


East River said...

First I want to say its a shame that no American media that I know of went to this game. What a bigger shame it would have been if DC had won the series down there. As for Soehn's statement, its kind of funny that he confessed to hunkering after he insisted over the last few days that DC was going to come out and play its game. Not that DC didn't get forward and get a few shots on goal before Chivas scored but DC clearly were more open to getting forward they went down and the series was in doubt.

I am still a bit puzzled about Soehn's and other American coaches sub tactics. We saw Bradly's in Gold Cup and Ryan in the WWC both insist not sub until the opposing team scores. I understand the thinking "I'll make my move when you make yours", but to wait until a goal is scored is just stupid. Furthermore, I don't get Soehn's insertion of Stephen DeRux(sp?), this is the 2nd time when playing Chivas in Mexico Soehn put this guy in. Not only has he not scored for DC yet, he has seen few minutes for DCU all season long. Why not sub on Dyachenko, Addlery, or Kpene all guys who have seen steady mintues for DC over the course of the season. At least the first 2 have actually scored for the team.

Anonymous said...

"We came to defend"

That's why you lost, idiot.