Friday, October 12, 2007

Come again?

I've been getting quite a few responses regarding my recent column on Edgar Castillo. Apparently, that story compelled some people to respond.

Not all, though, were as - um, moronic I think is a good word - as this guy.

Submitted by Chris

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Question: You all have allegiance to Mexico rather than the US... that's why we don't want you here.

I better tell my buddies Jaime Cardenas and Ivan Orozco that we're not wanted here anymore.


Anonymous said...

The truth is that more players like Castillo will "fall through the cracks" until the USSF and ODP scouts the barrios of the USA.

The truth hurts.

Nathan said...

I know how you guys feel.

People are constantly telling me I should go back to England, Scotland, and Germany and that "you can't buy anything in the US with Euros!"

I get a lot of people calling me a "cheese-eating surrender monkey", but when I tell them I was born in Minnesota, not France, I just get blank stares, like that can't believe I don't speak English with a sing-song Nordic accent or something...


You are right. That guy is a moron.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

So wait...this guy is mad because you wrote an article about a Mexican going BACK to Mexico?

I would have figured that's what he wanted. He should be thanking you, not blasting you.

Ese guero esta medio pendejo, if you ask me.

My Opinion Over Yours said...

Comments like those make me wish IQ and fertility were correlated.

Time seems to move at different speeds for some, and apparently our friend was left in the past.

Cuando aprenderan que, como todo humanos, tenemos el derecho de vivir en cual quiera lugar que deseamos? Que clase de comemierda!

blahblah said...

I gues I'll counter that guy by saying thanks so much, A.C & L.B, for covering the Mexican league & nats in (mostly) English. I'm learning Spanish but I still suck pretty bad so I don't get as much news as I'd like.

Anonymous said...

See thats the thing, it wasn't an article about a young mexican going back to mexico. It was an article about a young "american" going to mexico and playing for mexico instead of the US. Its funny that a lot of mexican-americans wonder why they get such negative responses from people like this guy. Given the opportunity to choose to play for mexico or the usa, the vast majority of mexican-americans will always choose mexico. Thats where your loyalty is.

L.B. said...

First of all, I think Edgar gladly would have suited up for the US had he been given the chance. But he never got the chance for whatever reason.

Secondly, how can you say that "the vast majority of Mexican-Americans will always choose Mexico?" What are you basing that on?

Anonymous said...

People are going to blast this kid for playing for Mexico, when the USSF showed no interest in him until Mexico called him up. I don't blame him one bit. In a way he might feel a bit slighted, not towards the US, but towards the USSF. People should be blasting the USSF and ODP not Castillo.

Anonymous said...

I think there is some validity to the idea that Mexican-American kids prefer all things Mexican, in terms of soccer. Whether it be following the FMF or MNT.
I'm a high school teacher in Los Angeles and my students are more root for the teams their families follow.
I don't think this is the case for Castillo. however, the USSF doesn't do itself any favors by calling up mostly Black and White players.
Jose Burciaga, anyone?
The MLS is trying to do something, too. Then again, wouldn't it be better if it tried to develop the 'Temoc Blancos of this world then trying to buy one?
I guess that's why I love Chivas USA for what they're doing. Wouldn't it be great if Jorge Flores suited up for the Stars and stripes?

Anonymous said...


Guero? Are you sure? Maybe he is Negro.

Hey, whats up Whitey? How you doin Black. Just fine Brownie.

Orale prieto, estoy de acuerdo que ese "guero" es medio pendejo.

Anonymous said...

This is a frustrating topic of conversation for Mexican-American players, whether US Citizens or not who reside in the US.

I think it's a myth that Mexicans only prefer Mexican soccer. I mean really...Tecos vs. Jaguares is not exactly a barn burner of a matchup.

Quality football always will rule!

If you ask any Mexican-American youth, would you rather play for a Mexican team ( or MLS for that matter) or would you rather play for Manchester United...uhmmm, let me think about that for a minute.
The same is true of any kid of any ethnicity in the states.

The results of the US in Germany 2006 speak for themselves. They played an unimaginative style and quite frankly were embarrasing as compared to the level of play and development US Soccer on a broader scale is enjoying.

I think if we focus on the larger picture, there is a philosophical battle that is beginning to evolve and US Nats better adapt quickly or they will continue to lose talent.

I really like Bob Bradley, he seems to understand some things Arena just didn't get or ignored. But Sunil Gulati needs to start shaking and baking and getting new talent evaluators to oversee and create a system and identity ala Arg, Germ, Eng, Port, Spain, and even Mex.

I think it all starts with coaching at all levels, they need more diversity, international experience, and a clue as to how the US will play 1 month from now as well as 10 year from now. A style.

Obviously there was some coach along the way that said Castillo was not cut from the cloth of other Nats. And to me that is the big issue.

Anonymous said...

So what, it's his life. Some one gave him the opportunity and he took it.

If anyone is to be blamed it should be US soccer for not having the infrastructure to discover this guy at a young age and woo him over..Now, leave the race and culture out of this..

JT (Chicago) said...

Back when I was growing up (in Chicago in the '60s), I had no idea that the US had a team playing soccer. When I looked around, in our neighborhood and nearby parks, I thought it was a sport only played by people from Mexico, Italy, Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Ireland. I was told by other non Mexican-American kids that soccer was a game for foreigners & sissies. Oh well.

Because I loved the sport at a young age, I started following Chivas & Mexico as I watched the delayed tape matches on Spanish language tv with my grandpa. My parents were born in the States, & all my grandparents were born in Mexico. Yet, it was the Chivas & El Tri that first caught my eye and got into my heart. When I saw the WC '66, I had my first opportunity to see England play and I wanted to be Bobby Moore. I would have loved to play for Mexico or England, the US wasn't even an option, I thought. I'm sure that's the case with the Rossis and Castillos currently as well. They have it in their heart to play for these teams not because they hate the USA but because soccer wise, they love these teams.

About 9 years ago, when my daughter was a U12 player, she really wanted to go to the ODP trial camp. There were some great players there and my daughter held her own for the most part but I could see that the ODP coaches saw this as a formality, the big club players were the ones who were marked for call backs.

Walking back to the car, I was talking to a father of a very talented player (they were of Swedish ancestry), the most talented at the tryout by my eye. She was not getting a call back either. She was from some small club (from a small town, three hours away) and the father was disgusted that not only wasn't she going to get a second look, most of the selected players froze her out once they saw her talent. This had been her second year to try out and he said that she was the best player at the previous year's trial as well. He wasn't going to bring her to ODP trials again.

So, when I see that players like Castillo or other players fall through the USSF cracks and elect to play elsewhere, I'm not surprised. It happens to players from all races and owes a lot to the ODP selection system. I can't blame players who see this and look for alternatives if they exist. Also, if there's a family history of supporting foreign clubs, the youngster may have something very deep in his heart that is very difficult to put aside.

I find it very difficult to understand how soccer loyalties somehow determine how patriotic an American you may be.

Anonymous said...

Bravo JT. Best post on topic so far.

Anonymous said...

JT. I completely agree with you!

The same exact thing has happened to thousands of players and to my father and me at ODP trials. Even the conversation with the parents of the other talented outcasts.

I agree, with everything you said in your post. Everything.