Monday, October 22, 2007

Clasico-free playoffs

The Galaxy did not win on Sunday and thus did not set up a first-round Super Clasico playoff series. Several Chivas USA members, including club owner Antonio Cue, were hoping for the Galaxy to win so that could have happened. Instead, the Galaxy's season is over and Kansas City awaits.

A couple of us talked to Jesse Marsch after Saturday's game about the Galaxy and here's what he had to say about the now-dead series.

"The one thing that would scare you about the Galaxy is that they've been on a bit of a roll. Even if you say they haven't been playing great, they've still been getting results. Now seven teams in a row have been bit by that kind of recipe. You watch them play sometimes and it's not like it's great but they walk away with three points. That scares you a little bit about the Galaxy."

"Certainly Landon is a big-game player. He's proven in the league that he's a big-game player."

"(David Beckham) is a major factor. When he got on the field, the momentum changed completely. It went from being New York's possession and New York's game to all of the sudden the Galaxy's... He started putting some passes together. They started getting some corner kicks and a couple of them were short but they were in their half more when he got on the field. He's a great passer and that's going to help any team out."


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough Donovan was not a major factor in the Chicago game and to make matters worst if was a poor Beckham backpass that helped set up the winning goal for the Fire.

A.C. said...

Donovan isn't at his best on the wing.

On the other hand, I think the entire team was off. I think back to what Yallop said during their losing streak.

"Sometimes 'tired' looks like 'not trying', but it's not the same thing."

JT (Chicago) said...

The Galaxy did look tired. I'm not a huge fan of Donovan but I respect (and fear) his ability. I was glad to see that he decided to pass the few times he had possession near the area.

Segares, Pause, and Conde all took turns slowing Donovan down and for the most part did a great job. He did seem isolated AC. I've always thought that Donovan is at his best in a free role, similar to what Blanco has been doing for Chicago.

With Donovan's speed and fitness, he can tire defenses by turning up all over the pitch as opposed to keeping hime tethered to the touch line.

Anonymous said...

Off on the day they really needed to be on? Like I said this team couldn't win under pressure. And the tire excuse has truely worn because they were still having the 2 games a week schedule when they went on that 7 game unbeaten streak. I think some members may have even said that the team had adjusted to the schedule. Donovan was off the entire season with his 8 goals.

Will you guys covering the US Soccer press conference addressing the situation of USWNT's Greg Ryan?

L.B. said...

Tired is one thing if you have few players to choose from. But Abel Xavier was ready to go on Thursday yet didn't play in either game. Kevin Harmse was also an unused substitute on Sunday.

Frank said before that his players wouldn't lose their jobs unless they were injured so he trotted out the same lineup game after game, which is fine but then the tired excuse doesn't fly.

A.C. said...

I would have liked to see both Kevin and Xavier, but I think Frank was sticking to the "Go with what brung you" philosophy. It's of limited use when players are weary, though.

Anonymous said...

They wanted to play the Galaxy so there would be more than 3000 people at HDC.

L.B. said...

Well, they had way more than 3,000 people at HDC on Saturday and they didn't play the Galaxy or Fire.

I think they'll get a decent amount for the playoffs. Shawn Hunter's working diligently.

Anonymous said...

Just because they give away 13,000 free tickets, doesn't mean they all showed up. There were like 11,000 people there max including the 3,000 regulars.

Anonymous said...

Someone is bitter. Enjoy the post season galaxy tour.

Joel Aceves said...

Every time a Chivas-Galaxy match is called a "Clasico" Chuck Norris kills a kitten! And he goes on a roundhouse kick to the face rampage, at the nearest retirement home, at the slightest mention of "Honda Super Clasico"!!