Thursday, October 4, 2007

Clark fined and suspended

Finally, a punishment that starts to fit the crime. I was a bit worried MLS would let Ricardo Clark off easily after his cheap shot on Carlos Ruiz. But MLS slapped Clark with a nine-match ban and a $10,000 fine. Clark might not play again until next season.

There's no room for what he did here or anywhere. That's beyond bonehead. Boneheaded is what Kevin Harmse (sucker punch) and Alex Zotinca (headbutt) did to each other on Aug. 23. Clark's actions went way beyond just losing your cool. For a soccer player to kick another player like that would be akin to a hockey player taking his stick and bashing someone else or a football player taking his helmet to smack someone with it. It's Clark's most violent weapon, really, and here he is using it against another player.

To me, it doesn't much matter that it was the league's biggest flopper who was kicked. Ruiz may have provoked Clark but what he did was inexcusable and indefensible.


Anonymous said...

Indefensible? A punch near the kidney could end up with a lost organ or worst death. Someone doing something to me that could leave me severly injured or worst dead. I believed I would have to defend myself. Like you I would want to be as healthy as possible to take care of my children. Clark should accept his punished and not regret his actions one bit. On the fliipside he could have did a Bobby Boswell and kick a guy near the family jewels. Not only may Clark miss the entire post season he may have hurt his chances to going to Europe.

dimes said...

Rico has been playing soccer for a long time to be where he is. For a reaction like that, I can only imagine what must have happened. Players know how to take small shots at each other in retaliation. You can do an awful lot and only walk away with a yellow. That was a lot more than that. I don't think a professional player looses his cool like that over standard in-game theatrics, insults, etc.

hokie soccer fan said...

hey LB... i know you aren't the web editor at SI, but i think this head line needs to be updated b/c i'm pretty sure drugs weren't involved in the Rico Clark suspension. "T&R: Is MLS following NFL's lead on drugs?"