Thursday, October 4, 2007

More from Bradley

Bradley on Rossi:

I watched him on the weekend. Guiseppe Rossi is, as we know, a talented young player. At this time he believes he wants to play for Italy. It's not something that we will give up on easily. He left New Jersey when he was 15 and was part of Parma's youth program. I know his family a little bit back when I was a college coach and I would try and recruit players from different high schools his father Fernando Rossi was the high school coach at Clifton. Clifton is also where Danny Szetela is from. This is a New Jersey boy but one that left at a young age, has had some success with Italian youth teams and obviously has had a great start to the season at Villarreal. We will keep trying.

Moderator: have you met with him or have you talked with him?

Bradley: We have talked to him.


FC Uptown said...

Coach Bradley, hopefully you were not one of those coaches who upset Old Man Rossi back in those early Jersey days and necesitated the movement of the family back to Italy. If not, use those Jersey connections brother!

glen said...

it would be fantastic to have him back in the US and on the National team. Watching some of the videos on you tube, great striker and the ability to make runs at defenders, fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Bob Bradley saying things like "he believes he wants to play for Italy" sounds condescending. Sort of like he's saying, "he's just a kid, he thinks he knows what's good for him but he doesn't". If anything saying stuff like that might offend Rossi and the constant nagging from the USSF might make him never want to play for the US if he's already stated he wants to play for Italy numerous times. Just let him be, he'll decide what's good for him.