Monday, October 8, 2007

Abby looking for more

Abby Wambach's own words establish how much she was a major force behind the decision for the team to unite against Hope Solo. She seems proud that the team has shown such solidarity.

Her comments about Briana Scurry would also seem to indicate that Greg Ryan wasn't the only one hearkening back to 2004. It just baffles me though, how Wambach could blow past what even Ryan admitted - that he should have had Scurry game-sharp if he was planning to use her. How could Scurry be in top form without game practice? Yet Wambach insists the team had complete confidence in Scurry, though they certainly didn't play like they did.

No matter - the wagon-circling has commenced and Wambach seems happy about that, even comparing it to the chemistry of the past generation of WNT players.

The delusion is total. The previous edition of the team was considered great because they won World Cups. It's that simple. Rallying around a coach who made a questionable decision - quite a few, actually - is not how teams are remembered as being great.


JT (Chicago) said...

Could it be that this crusade to justify their actions is Wambach's way of dealing with her being marginalized on the pitch - because of Ryan's inept tactics?

This was, after all, the World Cup in Wambach's prime. If ever there was to be a World Cup that was hers, this was the one. There's no telling if she will be able to maintain her fitness and avoid injuries to be around for 2011.

So, could all this continual justification on her part just be her dealing with the disappointment of having a coach who couldn't figure out a way to take full advantage of her talent (and the rest of her team's talent)?

Wake up Abby, the WC was lost before Solo grumbled on the bench.

A.C. said...

I'd argue that Ryan was almost too dependant on Wambach during the World Cup. He wouldn't even sub in a player for her when she got injured against North Korea.

But yes, ultimately the tactic did Wambach no favors. Once she was sut down, the other team didn't have much to worry about offensively from the U.S. Tactics to bring Wambach more assistance would have made a difference.

Der FuƟballhund said...

I agree that Ryan was too dependent upon Wambach. He should have have subbed her out after the injury during the game against Korea. With all due respect, she just wasn't being effective out there. Not surprising after the injury. Kai should have been brough in for her, rather than waiting until the 92nd minute when he brought her in for O'Reilly.

Hearing now that Wambach's toe was actually broken, makes me wonder even more why Ryan didn't use Kai more. I thought Wambach seemed slow. Having suffered a broken big toe myself last year, I know how much it hurts to walk, let alone run or kick the ball. Kudos to Wambach for suffering through it, but why Ryan couldn't see that someone else could have been more effective is beyond me.

osprey said...

Sounds more like a cult than a healthy team. Don't talk to outsiders, don't question the leader, don't create waves. All they're missing is the low-protein gruel.

She thinks the team can be stronger than ever? Did they suddenly address the fundamental flaws in their system (lack of possession, long ball focus, weak midfield, etc.)? Did they start basing team spots on earning it instead of some vague past glory, with players (not the coaching staff!) deciding when they should leave? Did they decide to give talented newcomers a fair shot at playing time and work them into the system? Did they fire the captain of the Titanic? Oh, that's right, they shunned the one person who had a foot in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Where was Ms. Wambach's comments after Briana Scurry dissed Siri Mullenix (sp?) in the same manner?

Anonymous said...

If Wambach's toe was broken then how selfish is she? Are you telling me that if the US team is such a "team" they can't do without the loss of one player? So a healthy Tarpley is less effective than a hobbled Wambach? Curiouser and curiouser. The more you dig in this story the uglier it gets. No wonder they've circle thewagons and frozen out Solo. If that big mouth hadn't opened her trap and taken th efocus off of Ryan, maybe this would have all come out sooner. It sure is a long fall off that pedestal.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, that's right, they shunned the one person who had a foot in the real world."
Unreal. Simply unreal.I don't see how I can support this cult of a team anymore?

clay said...

I for one am getting sick of hearing Abby talk about the team unity, given that the team unity was forced down the throats of the younger players which constituted a majority of the team.

As I understand it, there were more team members in support of Hope than not.

The count I heard is that Lilly and Abby had 6 other OLDER supporters and that the younger members numbering twelve did not agree with the Lilly-Abby side of the issue.

A quick perusal of the roster by age shows that Abby and all of those older than her would total 8 in number. Essentially, the players that had played with Bri WAAYYY BAAACK in 2004.

so, Abby is SOOO PROUD of a forced, fake team unity.

I think this is properly called "loyalty to a fault", aka blind loyalty.

I guess democracy takes a back seat to loyalty.