Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why Bob left Landon

If Landon Donovan was willing to go to Copa America, why did Bob Bradley leave him behind?

Because the Gold Cup was already secured? Well, technically, it wasn't when Bradley submitted the roster, but here's what Frank Yallop said on that situation before Bradley turned in his final list.

"If they win the Gold Cup, run right through it, he (Bradley) might go, ‘I’m ok right now. I’m going to go with another group of guys.’ We don’t know what he’s thinking. We spoke about it and he said there’s a chance Landon might be involved in both."


marc said...

If the Gold Cup consists of the opponents you'll have to play to qualify for the World Cup, it's where you want your starters. The Copa America is an excellent test to see how your younger players measure up and how much depth you've got in the roster. I would have liked to see us take a serious shot at this tournament, but I think Bradley has made a wise decision given that the two tournaments were back to back and the Gold Cup also landed us entry into the 2009 Confederations Cup. Still, it's not so fun seeing us lose.

Anonymous said...

I agree marc, it's never fun to lose. What made the loss yesterday hard to swallow was the second Parauay goal and the lack of finishing? The lack of finishing is nothing new but it's going to lead me to my grave!

Anonymous said...

If the US is to get international respect, the best players need to play. Without international respect, there will be less interest within the US. With less interest, there will be no significant advancement of US standards beyond CONCACAF.

Bradley demonstrated his lack of international experience by bringing such a young team to play to Copa America.

Unless he changes are made, I am already dreading the 2010 World Cup! Where's Klinsman?