Sunday, July 1, 2007

This little piggy went to eat

Dear Posh and Becks,

It's really hard to imagine Vicki caught in any restaurant called the Oinkster, as she seems the antithesis of the culinary indulgence of pigging out.

So maybe an Oinkster outing, our next stop on the 99, is best reserved for a guy's day out, with Vicki perhaps on tour and David in charge of the boys.

After all, David did mention his love for U.S. culture, and while many debate the premise that the colonies have brought little to the world's cuisine, Oinkster stunningly trumps that argument by elevating the simple pleasures of some classic American dishes to the sublime.

"Slow fast food" is the Oinkster's motto, and the result shows how worthwhile a little extra time can be. That said, you shouldn't have to wait that long, and the comfortable red booth seating in the light and airy dining room makes the delay painless, although the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen build anticipation.

Unable to decide even from the basic menu (less is more at Oinkster, they don't do any dish they can't perfect), I went for a combo of sorts, the daily special Royale, which consisted of a Oinkster burger topped with the specialty of the house, their pastrami, plus applewood-smoked bacon.

The meat was tender and cooked to an exactness that is rare, blending perfectly with the house-made sauce that accompanies the sandwich. It's served in a little paper cup, so you can add as much or as little as you like. A wide variety of other condiments are neatly arranged on a counter tray so people can accessorize their meals as they wish.

As tasty as the Royale was, the meal was further enhanced by an order of Oinkster fries, which they cook Belgian-style (though thankfully, they don't drizzle mayo on top). Fries are my personal weakness, and these were the best I've had in years.

I had no room left for dessert, but they looked beautiful, and what kid doesn't like a sundae or a malt? I'm not talking some chemically engineered frostie-freezie concoction, but something that contains actual calcium. Oinkster's makes their's old-school, with real ice cream.

Final Recommendation: Go. The kids have probably already eaten McDonalds, but now's the time to teach them to slow down a little and enjoy food with flavor.

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