Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Old shirts

After all the big fuss the Galaxy made about ditching their jerseys and going with new shirts and a new color scheme, the Galaxy is wearing the white jerseys they've worn all season long against Tigres tonight, the first game in the Collegiate Navy-and-Gold era.

I guess I wouldn't have been surprised if Alexi Lalas hadn't told me himself just a week ago that they were going to switch up the new shirts from tonight and Saturday.

ADD: When the halftime whistle blew, all the Galaxy players took off their shirts and tossed them inside the center circle. Later, a few Galaxy people picked them up and put them in some bags presumable to get washed somewhere. After that, who knows where they'll end up.

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Anonymous said...

did they just throw their shirts into a pile? maybe they'll change them halftime.