Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mixed mail

I've gotten a few positive responses to my last column. Someone told me it was "spot-on analysis."

But others disagreed, including this guy who chimed in from Mexico City.


Your columns always show your blatant dislike for team Mexico. Why all of the negativity? They are having a good Copa America, but you still manage to criticize their playing style. Why don't you turn your negativism towards the U.S. team? I mean, c'mon.... Mexico wins both of their games convincingly and the U.S. gets blown out of the water in both games, but all you can write about Mexico's "bad" performance.

Give it a rest!

I try to remain as objective as possible. When I wrote this particular column, I wanted to try and help people keep a perspective on the situation. In no way did I discount their two important victories in Copa America but those two wins don't mean that they should start engraving the trophy with their names. Wins can cause excitement but if people are satisfied with this, then they probably have little faith in their team. These wins should cause fans to be happy and excited but not necessarily satisfied, because when someone is satisfied they tend to work less. What happens if Mexico doesn't beat Chile? Where does that satisfaction level go?

And for the record, even though he quotes "bad" I didn't use that word once in my column. I don't write the headlines or pick the pictures to use or write the captions. I just write the story.


Anonymous said...


I think your analysis during the last two tournaments have been spot on.

Mexico has played well and they have played bad but they haven't played World Cup champs football.

Anonymous said...

So why doesn't he go read a Mexican football blog then? ;)

The team is bad. There I said it.

(So is the US team)

Joel Aceves said...

I was hoping to read about Gio's goal, against Gambia, the only gem of its kind to be found in the opening games of the U-20 WC. Instead there is a post about U.S bench players and mail bag rants, boo.. .