Thursday, July 12, 2007

Juan is TFClueless

Juan Dixon is a basketball player who plays in Toronto, and when he was out to watch Chelsea practice, I asked him if he knew that the city had a new MLS team.

"No," Dixon said. "They have a new team? I’m learning every day. I’ll see if I get an opportunity to watch them. I’m sure they play it inside in
Toronto. I’ll see if I get an opportunity to watch."

He moved on before I could tell him that they don't, in fact, play inside. Their stadium is very nice, actually.


Matt L said...

It also strikes me how poorly soccer is marketed, that a pro athlete in a city can have no clue a team exists in his market. I hope someone from TFC contacts Juan immediately and invites him and a few of his Toronto basketball teammates to witness a game.

However, I find it interesting that it seems like more and more professional basketball and football players are taking an interest in hanging around soccer. I know Steve Nash and Kobe both have backgrounds with the sport, but it seems like being a soccer fan is becoming "cool". I would like to see a few NBAers sporting euro and MLS jerseys.


Anonymous said...

What makes this funny is the fact MLSE owns both the Raptors and TFC.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Juan Dixon, he was traded to Toronto at the very end of the year last year, so he is not completely immersed in Toronto just yet. He never lived in Toronto or Canada before that, spent his entire life, career and college career in the DC/Maryland area along will with Portland for 2-3 seasons.

Having said that, cross-marketing sports in your same city is marketing 101.

I know lots of American Footballers are good buddies with Didier Drogba and of course Henry is best boys with Tony Parker.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that the majority of NBA/NFL/MLB players during the offseason, do not prefer to live in the cities where they play. So if you only live in Toronoto for 2 months it could explain why Dixon unaware.

Most NBA guys leave their home-team city as soon as the season is over, almost immediately. They prefer to live in Miami, LA, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando. Of course I doubt he knows about Atlanta Siverbacks or Dynamo or Miami FC either. Lol.