Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rippin' Freddy

Here's a Observer article ripping on Freddy Adu. I mention it because a small detail there caught my eye - the author mentions Freddy trying to get out of an interview.

Back when Freddy was in LA for the Salt Lake game, he mentioned that he didn't want to get distracted doing media interviews this time around for the U20 World Cup. He said he had a job to do and he wanted to focus only on that once the tournament started.

Against Poland, I think his concentration paid off.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to figure out how to contact that Kevin Mitchell guy who wrote that article. Would love to ask him how is crow tastes.

elopingcamel said...

Good for Freddy. If ignoring an interview keeps his head in the game like that, I hope to never hear another word from his mouth.
Freddy on fire is a beautiful thing. We just need that flame to not be so sporadic (or consistently non-existent).