Friday, July 13, 2007

Herc's real space

And now a break from the David Beckham coverage...

Herculez Gomez posted a bulletin on regarding imposter sites. Apparently, there have been some fake Herc sites posted and people have been duped into thinking that Herc was big-timing them.

His real page is at

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


A.C. said...

Ha, it's cool to see that Herc has as his avatar the giant jersey banner that Rapids fans made for him that says Herculez, the way he wanted his jersey to do.

Anonymous said...

Did he wear Herculez on the back of his US jersey during the Copa America? It would be interesting he still had Gomez on the back. Would US Soccer have a policy of last names on the back only?

A.C. said...

Not even Preki wore that on the back of his U.S. jersey. They put Radosavljevic instead.

Herculez wore Gomez at Copa.