Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gio or Adu?

Which goal was better: this one or either of Freddy's?

Giovani Dos Santos scored the first goal in Mexico's 3-0 win over Gambia on Monday.


Chris said...

I like freddy's more

Dale Gribble said...

freddy's first was the best

Gene said...

All 3 goals were great, but Adu's 1st was probably the best - very nice move to get open for the shot.

Anonymous said...

Freddy's second goal was good.
This goal was good.
Freddy's first goal was straight up FILTHY.

Joel Aceves said...

I am glad to see Adu finally make something happen in the field!

Although his first goal is sweet, I regard his second goal the best of the two shown.

Still, Giovanni Dos Santos gem takes the best goal award. Adu's first goal was a thing of beauty but I feel the keeper could have done more to block that shot.

Gio's goal on the other hand was more difficult to pull off, the ball was in the air, he was running to it, he had two defenders on each side, and he still managed to hit a volley at an awkward angle without seeing the goal posts or keeper.

In comparison Adu always had the ball under control in the first goal. In his second goal, Adu received a nice pass and he was well positioned for the strike.

I didn't see his third goal, but scoring a hat trick speaks volumes of a player.

El G├╝ero said...

I think Gio's was the best. It totally changed the game. I was actually worried for a bit and it came a little against the run of play.

Anonymous said...

Gio's goal was awesomee, but Freddy's 360-spin left-foot chanfle kick was AMAZING.

Freddy hands down.

On a somewhat similar note, It's always been my opinion that Freddy was thrusted into MLS too early. He made the wrong choice by staying in the states rather than going to Europe at that age. Europe is used to developing kids that age, the MLS was (and probably still is) not.

Anyways, nice to see Freedy still has game and hopefully he can do more of that in the MLS soon.