Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Galaxy money

The MLS Players Union updated their player salary information. I check it periodically to see how much new players are earning and to remind myself just how much, or little, some guys I talk to on a regular basis make.

As far as the Galaxy is concerned, their salaries surprised me a bit. David Beckham is number one in salary with $6.5 million followed by Landon Donovan at $900,000. Following him is Joe Cannon at $192,000.

The fourth-highest paid Galaxy player? That would be Chris Klein at $187,250. When you factor in the pay along with the age of the players the Galaxy sent to RSL for Klein, that trade is looking more and more like a dud than anything.

Carlos Pavon, meanwhile, has a base salary of $132,000 and is guaranteed $141,500 which makes him the eighth-highest paid player behind Abel Xavier, Edson Buddle and Chris Albright. It makes me wonder just how much Pavon has left if he was willing to settle for such a relatively low figure. Other Central American players are making way more than Pavon; Carlos Ruiz, for instance, is pulling down $435,000. Even Pavon's countrymen Amado Guevara was making almost $300,000 before Chivas dumped him. Hell, Ivan Guerrero's making $187,500.


Anonymous said...

why would you judge Pavon based on his salary? watch what he is doing on the field and you will see he is far from a dud. how long has it been since the galaxy had a coordinated and agressive forward? Ruiz?

regarding klein, it was obvious that the galaxy needed a quality right back that also had the ability to move into the midfield when albright gets back in form. additionally, MLS teams need to take into consideration the acquisition of players that are of good quality, but not good enough to leave on national team duty, a perfect example of this would be klein

personally i am happy to see findley and sturgis go. i would rather see other teams spend the time (and more importantly roster space and $$) on sturgis only to see him depart once their quality of play reaches a level that they are a starter. as for findley . . . yes he has athletic ability, but he is very far from being a MLS starter. Additionally, with the acquistion of Pavon, Findley and Jaqua became expendible . . . how many forwards can a team carry?


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, CUSA is the cheapest team in the MLS?

Also, the youngest, right?

Esta en tu sangre pero no mi cartera!

L.B. said...


I guess because I haven't seen him play in a long time. Gold Cup was pretty brief, though he looked good there.

Honestly, Carlos Pavon was my favorite player in the Mexican league around 1999 and 2000. I loved watching Celaya play because of Carlos Pavon. That team blew but Pavon made watching those games fun. The dude could play, and I always wondered why he wasn't in Spain or something. He ended up going to Italy which I thought was cool but I didn't get to watch him regularly.

I guess it just sort of struck me that he settled for low pay compared to other Central Americans and my first reaction was "Why isn't he paid more?"

The one thing he possesses that Jaqua/Findley/Buddle/Santino/et al don't is the knack for scoring goals. Pavon has that.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Pavon is only being paid for 1/2 a season...

Dan said...

Was there any truth to the rumor that RSL would be picking up some of Klein's salary, Clint Mathis-style? Or was that just wishful thinking on my part?

Beax Speax said...

Ruiz definitely makes the all-overpaid team. I guess that makes up for all the years he only earned $50k.