Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crazy as ever

I got the chance to talk to Juan Pablo Garcia yesterday, and he was as interesting as he always was with Chivas USA.

While he was here, Garcia bought a house near Home Depot Center. When he came here with Tigres in January, I asked him if he intended on keeping it and he said the house was in his plans. I asked him about his house again yesterday to see if he's still got it or if he cut his ties with the area altogether.

He still has the house and a player from Chivas USA is living in it. Garcia said that player has fallen behind on the rent, though. I asked him who it was but he wouldn't tell me. He did say that it wasn't a planned living arrangement because initially he had rented his house out to Amado Guevara.


Anonymous said...

wow, actually talked to a mexican player??? I thought you had nothing but contempt for the whole lot!

glyco said...

I'm gonna take a guess and go with Mendoza.

L.B. said...

Last I heard, Panchito lived with his uncles in South Gate, but that info was from when Amado Guevara was still on the team so perhaps.