Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sven es el hombre

Yep, the Swede is el Señor de la Sele.


Anonymous said...

I actually think this is going to be fun to watch and to see how it plays out...in a reality show kind of way.

Talk about a cross-cultural experiment. So many intriguing questions loom.

What style will they play? Benfica, Lazio, England, Gothemberg, Man City????

God forbid they play like England against Trinidad and Tobago in '06. Then again, I hope they don't play like Mexico played against Angola in '06!

Overall a very good hire, a break from the norm, which hasn't worked all that well in terms of winning the big games.


PrimateWrangler said...

I think we (USA) are in trouble as S.G.E. is going to eliminate the members of El Tri that have been included for sentimental reasons while the younger more talented players were left behind. If he can teach Nery how to pass then we are in a lot of trouble....I'll miss Hugo's funny shirts.

Anonymous said...

Best move for Mexico. They'll finally have someone that isn't directly tied to the FMF or Televisa that will look at the country's players from a different perspective.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

this could turn out to be the best thing Mex ever did..or one of the biggest mistakes ever..I agree that this will be fun to watch..I can´t wait until Sven goes to play in el salvador and has piss thrown at him...classic!!..it will certainly be interesting

Anonymous said...

saluda al sven! que destreza el tiene!

usa (and an overmatched bob bradley) will suffer its first loss in awhile to mexico under sven - from an unabashed usa fan

Dan Haug said...

This is going to up the ante in CONCACAF. If the Mexican players will listen to Sven, they have tremendous capacity for improvement as a team.

rosyf said...


RONNINHO said...

All i can see is that it will be fun to watch how this will play out.

CACuzcatlan said...

The AP is way off with this story:

"Eriksson is the ninth foreigner to coach the Mexican team. The previous one was Serbia's Bora Milutinovic, who resigned in 1997."

For a local story I could look past such an oversight, but for the AP, that gets printed in hundreds of papers and websites, this is a disgrace.

A.C. said...

Wow, yeah, I guess they're overlooking the whole Lavolpe era completely.

Anonymous said...

A good move for Mexico to bring in a two time WC experienced foreigner, and winer of several leagues who holds no ties to any Mexican powerhouses. Sven has been and is winer. Can't say that for La Volpe or Hugo.

Oh and Pekerman, please. He has no desire to betray his beloved Argentina.

The Mexican press is already setting Sven up for failure and nothing sells more papers than failure.