Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ruud remarks on Euros

Ruud! Ruud was just interviewed on ESPN about the Dutch team via a remote feed. Galaxy players train in the background. It's not a profound interview - he gets asked about his look back in the day and ruud jokingly calls it "porn star".
He also talks about the Galaxy this season, mentions difficulties of travel, altitude, heat and playing on turf. Says the difference is improved consistency.
He says that the Dutch had a good feeling about the potential of the squad. He doesn't talk to Van Basten right now and hopes it wasn't a mistake for Holland to defeat Romania.
"The Italians don't need to play well to win a tournament." Good point, Ruud.
He signs off by giving Julie Foudy props (though he doesn't seem to know her name) saying she knows the game.

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starinyourfire said...

i laughed when ruud called his old look porn starish. i think the galaxy should do a wig night and have the wigs like Ruud or Cobi's hair.