Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pa 'fuera

Mexico's worst club is finally out of Copa Libertadores. America tied Liga de Quito 0-0 in Ecuador but the result was not enough to see America through to the final. Liga de Quito pulled out a 1-1 draw in Mexico City and the ever-important road goal sent the Ecuadorians to the final and the Mexicans back home.

America was hoping to become the first Mexican club since Cruz Azul in 2001 to reach the Copa Libertadores final but it wasn't meant to be.


Gabriel in Argentina said...

Hmm..a little passive aggressive Luis. You really mean ¨One of Mexico´s representatives to the Copa was eliminated by a Liga of Quito team which probably has 1/2 the payroll of America¨. That is what you mean, right? I mean America was not the ¨worst club¨ in Mexico when the season started and the competition began, right? I mean they played in the Interliga..and advanced fairly, right? I mean, when they had Insua, they probably would have been pretty good, right?..

As usual, your posturing about the greatness of the Mexican League or the apologies of the Mexican League are silly.

Anonymous said...

Grande Liga! Dos partidos mas y hacemos historia para el Ecuador entero!!

Anonymous said...

yes no mexic pssys touchin our copa