Friday, June 6, 2008

Marca on Jozy

Yep, there it is on Marca's futbol page, Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid, Gio Santos is going to Spurs, and Jozy to Villarreal.
Readers commenting on the story seem quite positive, though one admits never having seen him play, while another is basing his analysis on Football Manager.
One also believes Izzy Sesay is a good prospect from that same game.


delfin1 said...

Must say my favorite comment had to be "ya veremos q tl sale, pero decir q es el FUTURO MEJOR JUGADOR DEL MUNDO me parece fliparse 1 poko..."

Esos espanyoles me hacen reir con sus flipais :)

Matt said...

Hey, I learned a new word: estadounidense! ;)

When did Dani Alves sign for Barca? I hadn't heard anything about that.