Sunday, June 1, 2008

Halving it

No, it's not political

Yes, it is

Sure looks political

England players stay in sofa castle, bouncy castle bounces T&T players


Diane said...


If you can't possibly aver your eyes, don't forget that football is the country's sole source of a celebrity culture, as opposed to the wealth of topics for dissecting that are provided by the big four sports, to say nothing of Hollywood, in the U.S.

Sure there's rugby, cricket, politics and the royal family, but then the U.S. has a dozen or so secondary sports and our own politics and beltway celebs as well. Given the number of Brits (in a tabloid tally, but still) that said they preferred football to sex, I'm not sure the rest of the day's news has much hope of drawing away attention.

Then count how many national dailies, tv, and radio shows there are in the UK that have to make a living reporting on this singular topic and you have coverage of every breath a footballer takes, every thought that they or their manager might be SUSPECTED of having, and every new pair of shoes their wife or girlfriend purchases (we know I'm not exaggerating there). All before you get to the constantly revolving (news has to be somewhat new to sell) analysis and opinion on the game itself and those that run it -- as in today's topic.

To make sure there are enough points of view to sell the evening edition(s), every retired coach, and fondly remembered player, capable of lucid speech are called upon to expound at length on the tiniest detail. Facts and the reliability of sources are addressed in the comments columns, where the most brilliant cursing subject to asterisked spelling can be found.

The only way to survive is to pick three or four columnists that have proved to be reasonably sane and intelligent, and look upon everything else as either entertaining or annoying fiction.

Anonymous said...

A.C the friendly IS political the trip to T&T for this game is all about Jack Warner's 4 votes BUT David Beckham only had to turn up and shake Warners hand, run a clinic for kids and make an appearance on the night. He did not have to be made captain.

If you have even the slightest knowledge of Capello you will know he hasn't been made to do this by the FA. You don't even need to have a good memory the England v Switzeland Friendly in Feb was promoted as Beckham's 100th cap game by the FA and thousands bought tickets and then Capello did not even select Beckham into the squad because he didn't think he was match-fit.

The story that you have posted with the words "Sure looks political" that is BS AC and I really thought you were better than that - that article shows the friendly is for PR and it is. Yes Beckham is going to be the face of the FA's 2018 bid along with Prince William what was announced a while back - but it doesn't mean Capello had his arm bent to make Beckham captain and that he acquiesced. When Capello says it's on merit, it will be on merit. Capello is a tough old sob.

I'm not reading this blog any more in recent weeks theres been a real downward spiral in the material that you are including AC, and you clearly don't have the knowledge or context to provide the commentary that you do.

Sorry LB you are as good as ever but I'm voting with my mouse. Too much garbage in with the good stuff.

A.C. said...

I have no problem stating that Beckham's cap was politically given, if I in fact believed that. But I didn't state that. The context of the pro and con is given, and the photo of Warner and Becks will only add to those who do believe the captain appointment was politically motivated. I happen not to think it was, but my title acknowledged the appearance could be taken differently.
Frankly, I find it more problematic that England played this game to woo the votes from Warner, and that the tactic worked, than that Becks was handed the armband. Honor aside, that's ultimately meaningless, but this backstage manipulation of profitable matches in exchange for FIFA votes smacks of dirty dealing, and that to me is a bigger issue than Capello's motivation in naming Becks the skipper. It's interesting that so many have no problem with those politics, but to even state that some believe a player was given a title for politics is considered BS.

diane said...

Your post was clear, the context was clear, and your point about match manipulation is the only one that matters.
This is my "anti-tab" site in the U.S. and I'll be sticking around, thank you.