Thursday, June 12, 2008

A dream is a wish

Your heart makes, when you're fast asleep.
In dreams you can lose your heartache,
Whatever you wish for, will be
Have faith in your dreams and someday,
A rainbow will come shining through
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing,
The dream that you wish, will come true.

Of course, I only learned those words when I was older.
When I was little, I had a record (yes, in vinyl) of La Cenicienta,
and so the version I heard was

Soñar es desear la dicha
en nuestro porvenir.
Lo que el corazón anhela
se sueña y se suele vivir.
Si amor es el bien deseado
en dulces sueños llegará.
No importa quién borre el camino
marcado está un destino
y el sueño se realizará

It's a little mushier in Spanish - mentioning love, while in English, there's more reference to pain and heartbreak, but the basic message is the same, believe in your dreams. Course, just dreaming gets one nowhere - but add a lot of hard work to a dream - and hey, then you're cooking with gas.


Matthew Zimmerman said...

Cinder Ellie, Cinder Ellie, night and day, it's Cinder Ellie. . . . .

Did you only pull the classic Disney lyrics for Luis' benefit?

A.C. said...

Actually, I thought of his little daughter, Yvie, because she's such a Disney princess fan.