Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Drafting plans

Most of Mexico's offseason moves are limited to one day, draft day.

Now, the Mexican "draft" is not a draft like in MLS or other American leagues. The Mexican draft is really more like a swap meet or a rummage sale, where teams pass players off to fellow teams via loans or outright transfers.

The entire list is here, but some of the moves are significant.

- Alfredo Moreno joins America on a transfer. Moreno had 26 goals in two seasons with San Luis, including an astonishing 19 goals in the Apertura 2007 campaign. Moreno gives America another talented striker to go along with Salvador Cabanas.

- Juan Carlos Cacho moves from Pachuca to Pumas. It's a natural move for both sides. Pachuca already inked Bruno Marioni while Pumas lost both Esteban Solari (Almeria) and Ignacio Scocco (AEK Athens) in a few days.

- Pachuca dealt away several players overall, including Luis Gabriel Rey (transfer to Atlante), Marvin Cabrera (transfer to Morelia), Fernando Salazar (transfer to Morelia) and Andres Chitiva (loan to Indios).

- Oscar "Conejo" Perez went on loan to Tigres. Perez has been with Cruz Azul his entire career, and while he's nearing the end of his playing days it will still be a bit surprising to see Perez with another team.


Anonymous said...


What do these transfer fees look like? With rumors circulating about Emilio heading from DC United to Morelia, I was wondering what a Mexican side would be willing to pay. Are we talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars? Millions?


Anonymous said...

I think marquee players are getting transferred for 3-4 million. Club America paid somewhere around that for El Negro Medina.

Some other players they are begging teams to take them off their hands for a six-pack of Dos Equis and a good bottle of tequila.

They also do player-loans, as in I never want to see you again but nobody is dumb enough to buy your contract.

The whole thing reminds me of fantasy football.


starinyourfire said...

are the rumors of Ochoa going abroad starting up again?

Josh said...

Chativa got moved? I don't follow Mexican Football at all, but when I have seen Pachuca play, I always thought he was a very talented player. What is the reason for this move? I wouldn't mind someone like him in MLS, but I doubt the money would be there for him.

El Fer said...


Chitiva had a drop off in play for, I'd say, at least the past 2 seasons and was only loaned out with the hope that he can regain form.

As for the draft, it has to be one of the most unfair transfer methods in terms of player rights.