Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Devastator Donovan

Yay - my LD article in the June issue of Futbol Mundial covers a lot of ground - why he's playing so well this year, if he plans on going abroad - pick up the issue if you're interested.


ronnydoich said...

Landon Donovan
:Clap: :Clap: :Clap: :Clap: :Clap:
Landon Donovan
:Clap: :Clap: :Clap: :Clap: :Clap:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yada yada fan-girl blah blah yada yada

Anonymous 3 said...

I'm interested so I think I'll pick it up.

papa bear said...

you linked the picture directly from your e-mail box which doesn't work that way on the innanets. Gotta host it somewhere that allows hotlinks. ;)

A.C. said...

Ah, ok.

A.C. said...

Hopefully, the image shows up alright now.

One more detail to emphasize - freelance writers like me fulfill assignments, we don't pick them. Whatever topic I write on topic (or don't write) is usually someone else's decision.

Dan Haug said...

Why the haters???

Keep up the good work AC :)

Jim said...

Thank you Dan, you're right, the Landon bashing is sooo tiresome.

Nice work Andrea

ronnydoich said...

LANDO bashing is so last year. Get a new hobby losers.

Anonymous said...

nothing against you, ac, (i mean, we gotta write if we want to get paid and i understand that), but these type of stories are more pr than journalism.

saludos, d

A.C. said...

Please - a feature on the leading scorer in MLS and the youngest American player to reach 100 caps is newsworthy.
No American player is more recognizable to the Spanish media and fans.

Anonymous said...

You tell him Andrea......Ciaaooo!

Glen said...

Andrea, nice work. You do a fantastic job and a story on Donovan is good timing. He's the leading MLS scorer, with the 100 caps at his age and like you said he's the most recognizable American player to the Spanish media. Well done!

Bashing Donovan is ridiculous, he is so vital to our National Team.

Roberto said...

Allow me to add my two cents here...
I don't understand why so many people continue to bash Landon no matter what, especially since he's an early candidate for MVP this season.
He seems to have taken his profession more seriously -off season and in season workout programs have chiseled his physique- and that has allowed him to take his game to a different level.
If the matches against England and Spain weren't proof enough of what the US misses when he's not around, then you'll never be convinced.
Landon deserved the positive story about him and the cover of the largest Spanish language sports and Men's publication in the US (1 million copies monthly and 2.8 million readers monthly).
It's not a PR story. He earned it.
How do I know? It was my decision.
Landon convinced me with his effort, his talent and his dedication.
I'm grateful that talented writers like Andrea actually take my phone calls ;) and we can get a great story like the one she wrote. I hope you all paid attention in Spanish class, if not, you're missing a good read.
Roberto Abramowitz
Fútbol Mundial
PS: Andrea... you can pitch me anytime. You have to stop being so shy ;)

A.C. said...

;) Thanks Roberto! I'll keep that in mind and try to think of good pitches.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to bash Landon nowadays because he is playing so well.

I think the resentment still has to do with the last World Cup when Arena tried to shift the blame for their failures onto Donovan, when the real failure was with Claudio Reyna and Arena himself.