Saturday, June 7, 2008

David Beckham postgame

David, David, Beckham - King of the wild game win.


Ben7 said...

He's got it spot on with

good first "60" mins, afterwards to little possesion and that work needs to be done (going a full game without lapses/mistakes)

the midfield had a very good game until Pete had to go out.
Pires often keeping/winning posession and Vagenas spreading the play to all sides with Allen & Becks + Klein (Mr Reliability, Duracell Bunny Runner, Becks Security) and Randolph providing movement and with.

Xavier got burned for the 1st goal and a 2nd time aswell with no no "punishmen" thankfully, otherwise he was good, specially in the air.
Franklin won some important challenges, Cronin made a wonderful "deflection" to the post.

Buddle was good, but still needs to convert more of his chances tough.

Ruiz worked well but suffered to be alone up top and still needs a few days/game minutes to be 100%

Gordon except for 2 scenes (1 good chance) wasn't that good, I think he might had trouble getting enough air to "play and run".

FC Uptown said...

Looks like a Mormon on a mission.

In other news, perhaps Coach Bradley feels goals may be needed vs Argentina. Cooper has been called in. Perhaps he'll see more than 12 minutes of garbage time, perhaps no.

A.C. said...

Ha! I was trying to figure out why the blk/wht ensemble looked so familiar! Mormons, that's right.