Monday, June 9, 2008


Looking back at the soccer this weekend.


A.C. said...

Olympics = Olympic qualifying tournament

It wasn't an obvious mistake perhaps, but though I didn't mention Heath Pearce in the vlog, he was for me the revelation of these three recent games. He stepped up a level consistently.

Finally, if it looks a little like I'm about to keel over on the desk, I'm fighting a stomach bug today. It's not fun.

just another one of you said...

Are you trying to put a secret theme with your shirts? it's like your sleeves are growing with each new video.

A.C. said...

There are no hidden signals in the sleeves of my shirts.

That I know of, that is.

el chueco said...

hey guys check this out:

deadarsenal said...

shoot, we might as well get some fans of the blog together and get and make it a real shoot =]
so yes, i like the corners. well taken.

ungringo said...

full-on hottie. couldn't help but notice that you're single ;)