Friday, June 8, 2007

Playing the field

Got an email from a San Jose fan about the possible return of the Earthquakes to the Bay Area. They wanted to know, where was it likely that the new team would play?

Talks with Spartan Stadium at San Jose State University broke down some time ago. (Good riddance, I say to that - it was ridiculous what MLS was paying for that place)

Stanford? Kezar Stadium? Sacramento?

Yes. Maybe. Kind of, sorta.

Let's just say that the Earthquakes are like a nice cute gal that put up with a demanding, obnoxious boyfriend (Spartan) for far too long, then gave him the old heave-ho. She is having a good look around this time before settling down.

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Gene said...

As a San Francisco resident, Kezar would have been the most convenient. But I would think that someone would need to renowate it significantly before it could be used - in its present form, it is way too small for a professional stadium.

So, until the new stadium is built, I'd play at Stanford.

I am nostalgic about Spartan, but aside from sentimental value, it's a dump.