Friday, June 22, 2007

Mexico's roster

Oswaldo Sánchez (1) Portero Santos
Guillermo Ochoa (13) Portero América
Johnny Magallón (2) Defensa Chivas Fco.
Javier Rodríguez (22) Defensa Chivas
Rafael Márquez (4) Defensa Barcelona
Gonzalo Pineda (14) Defensa Chivas
Israel Castro (5) Defensa Pumas
José Antonio Castro (15) Defensa América
Fausto Pinto (3) Defensa Pachuca
Jaime Lozano (16) Medio Tigres
Jaime Correa (8) Medio Pachuca
Ramón Morales (11) Medio Chivas
Gerardo Torrado (6) Medio Cruz Azul
Alberto Medina (7) Medio Chivas
Fernando Arce (20) Delantero Morelia
Andrés Guardado (18) Medio Atlas
Juan Carlos Cacho (12) Delantero Pachuca
Nery Castillo (21) Delantero Olympiakos
Cuauhtémoc Blanco (10) Delantero América
Adolfo Bautista (17) Delantero Chivas
Jared Borgetti (9) Delantero Cruz Azul
Omar Bravo (19) Delantero Chivas

It's pretty strong, but they'll miss Pardo.


Rene said...

I don't know if I counted correctly, but I believe I saw 11 names on Mexico's squad that are currently on the Gold Cup squad (Half of the Gold Cup roster will have to pack up and immediately have to fly to Venezuela after the final on Sunday)? Some, like Ochoa and Castillo, have not played much, but Sanchez, Guardado, Borgetti, and Torrado have played a lot already in the Gold Cup; these players still have the final to if Hugo Sanchez decides to play his regular starters again, then his team may feel the effects of fatigue. This sort of makes Bradley's roster choices a bit smarter than at first glance.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Marquez is on the roster. I know he sat out the Gold Cup, but he seems to be dropping on the Barcelona depth chart. Do you think they will cut him free during this offseason. They already had the best attacking 6 in soccer and now added Henry, so I have to beleive they will upgrade the back also.

El Güero said...

Is Corona ever going to get a chance?

L.B. said...

Corona is the odd man out yet again. That guy is quality. Sanchez needs to retire or something for Corona to get a shot.

L.B. said...

For selfish reasons, I was hoping Blanco would have been left off so I might have seen him on July 4 at the Galaxy. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait until Sept. 29 when the Fire visits Chivas.

It's interesting to see this roster compared to the US roster and how both sides fare, given that the US is essentially bringing a different squad while Mexico will have only a few differences.

Anonymous said...

I think Sanchez has his job on the line and he needs to fare well against Brazil and so forth, hence the veteran squad.

Borgetti, Bravo, should have been given a rest. I would have liked to see Landin, maybe the Denigris bros.

Also, the backline is horrible w/out Marquez. How Magallon keeps getting called is unbelievable. I can rattle off 3-4 central defenders better than that guy.

L.B. said...

I think you have a point there with the backline. Honestly, the backline has looked suspect at times during the Gold Cup. Even in the win over Panama, the backline gave up too many chances.

Marquez hasnt' played a game in more than two months. How he comes in and manages the defense with such little playing time is beyond me. Magallon looks like he needs to stay with Chivas. Maza's solid - okay, I might be in the minority who thinks that but I do.

I was surprised to see Ramon Morales. I thought he was done after he hasnt been playing in the Gold Cup. So maybe we'll see a defense of Ramoncito on the left, Marquez and Magallon or Maza in the center and Gringo Castro on the right? Hmm... I don't know how confident I'd be with that defense.