Friday, June 29, 2007

And then there were three

Chivas USA released Matt Taylor today.

I can't say I'm surprised by the move because Chivas USA had an excess of forwards, and someone had to go. Still, though, I have to admit I'm a little sad by this move.

Sad in that Matt had been there since the beginning and put up with all the first-year bullshit, between the losing and the forcing second-division players on the field and all that "Adios soccer" garbage. Matt was a trooper and fought hard.

It's that work-hard mentality that kept him on the club for so long. He essentially had one good game for the club: the 5-1 win over Real Salt Lake in July 2005 where he had a hand in all five goals. But after that he had groin surgery and didn't really recover that year. Last year he was lost in the shuffle behind Ante Razov and Paco Palencia. I was surprised that he made it through the year and that he was here this year.

Preki rewarded his hard work in training with playing time as he had played in every game this year.

This move is one that will clear salary space and, more importantly, a senior roster spot for either Freddy Thompson or Dennis Alas or both. I don't think Preki wanted to get rid of a player who had appeared in every game this season.


The three reference up top is the number of original Chivas USA members on the team: Francisco Mendoza, Orlando Perez nad Brad Guzan.


Anonymous said...

wow! bornstein, guzan, and kljestan won't recognize the team by the time they get back from copa...bornstein even more so!

Anonymous said...

are there any times you two criticize a player. this blog is like one giant love-fest.

A.C. said...

How long have you been reading the blog?

Luis called Santino Quaranta lazy (basically) and Tyrone Marshall long in the tooth, and I'm still not sure Clint Dempsey is speaking to me after I criticized his not taking a penalty kick in MLS Cup.

It's not clear-cut, though, because Santino is still talented (even if he needs to get fitter), Ty is still a savvy and tough defender (who has probably lost a half-step), and Clint is one of the most amazing U.S. players (who I still don't think likes penalty kicks).

It's never as simple as saying a player is crap.

Pablo said...

I am going to miss Matt's mullet action!

Anonymous said...


Freddy Thompson is back in Guatemala, and Alas is also out with the Red-and-White... maybe one of the Cubans, right? Yeah, probably not.

Maybe Zidane? Is Chivas ever going o make a move?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Matt can go to Columbus. Sigi recruited him to UCLA but left before he got there. Plus Matt has family near C-bus and was actually born there. Hernia was issue for him for long time but he was finally healthy. Hope someone picks him up soon.