Friday, June 22, 2007

Hit the pitch

My buddy Jaime Cardenas of in espanol called me and said that Chivas USA is training today. Not sure if that was intended or if the circumstances from last night's game forced the team's hand. I was surprised when he called me but he said that it wasn't like they put in a lot of work yesterday in that 4-0 loss to Houston.

I think the team must have gone from the airport to the training field or something.

It's funny because the last few weeks Preki had been giving guys a bit of a break, as training sessions were sometimes about 90 minutes or even a little less. Not so much today, apparently.

Anyway, Jaime told me that the only guys who weren't on the field were Claudio Suarez, who we're assuming is getting some sort of treatment, and Brad Guzan and Sacha Kljestan.

ADD: Seems Claudio and Sacha were there. Not sure about Brad.

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