Friday, June 29, 2007

Youngsters out

Jonathan Bornstein, Sacha Kljestan and Brad Guzan are off in Venezuela for Copa America. They'll miss Saturday's game against the Revs, Wednesday's game at FC Dallas and the July 7 game at New England. If the U.S. doesn't get out of the first round, they might be available for the July 10 Open Cup game in Seattle but more than likely they won't play again for Chivas until July 14 at home against the Crew.

With that, the club's got some holes to fill but players are confident that the replacements will step in and do fine.


Anonymous said...


This is kind of off subject but I am so dissapointed for the Portland Timbers and their fans. They lost to Shittle (as they are known in Portland) and therefore lost out on the exposure and what they could have marketed as a marquee game in Portland vs. Chivas USA.

The Portland Timbers have the best and most passionate fans in all of US Soccer. PGE park would have been jam packed with 15.000 fans if Chivas USA would have played against the Timbers. What other city could that have happened in.

Also, forget about what you will hear about Seattle and potential MLS they could not even draw 1,000 fans recently to a league game in a state of the art stadium. Mariners/Seahawks town.

Anonymous said...

CUE/VERGARA are a joke! First, they try to spin the story of looking for European players and now they're "happy about their young players?" Didn't they just send home the two kids from Chivas Guadalajara. No offense, but we are reaching for lower, cheaper talent in Alves, More, Thompson, and Alas.
Then again maybe CUE/VERGARA are happy with the 8,000+ fans that are going to the games. This team needs reinforcements AND star power.
Right now, they have neither.

L.B. said...

That is disappointing to Portland fans. Chivas USA and Seattle played already this year so I thought it would be good for Chivas and Portland to meet up, but I didn't realize that there would be that level of interest in the game.

That's the cool thing about the Open Cup; you get to see MLS teams play against competition they don't normally meet. And when it's at the lower-division team, that makes it even better. So if it's a game in a big stadium in front of a couple thousand or a packed house of 15K, I'm taking the latter.

I hope for the game's sake that people do turn out.

Anonymous said...

maybe portland shouldn't cry about it and win the damn game, we have a cool stadium, blah, blah, blah

you have greg oden, be happy

no one cares about oregon happenings...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response LB!

Yeah, Portland would have packed the house. A little background, die-hard Timbers Army fans were licking their chops to heckle former Sounder, Preston Burpo, assuming he would have played. Ask Burpo about the crazed fans. For many years he was enemy #1, I have never seen a guy literally will an entire stadium into hating him, it was like Rick Flair/WWE.

A couple of years back I got to see Landicakes, Ching, DeRosario and the Earthquakes play the Timbers in US Open cup, and I think next year it was the Galaxy led by guess who: Landicakes. Each time, it was the biggest night of the year and it was packed and rowdy.

Players love playng in Portland too, the atmosphere, downtown, great pubs, etc... and can't forget all the free soccer gear they get at Adidas and Nike. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Hey nobody is whining pal, trust me.

In fact, if you had the view I do of this beautiful city you wouldn't either. In a few, I am walking down to the pub to drink some handcrafted ales, and yes we got Oden! Flanked by Aldridge, Sergio and Roy. We had a rally today downtown attended by over 10K people to celebrate Oden.

Life is good and we live in a beautiful city. The only thing that could possibly make Rose City better is world class football and if MLS is smart it will happen. Maybe by then MLS will be world class. Until then I support our crappy Timbers on a shoestring budget w/ 6-7K other fans every home match.

For now I have Gol Tv, FSC etc...and a flatscreen!