Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome Wagon

Dear Posh and Becks,

I can't imagine Vicki doing too much cooking, so I'm sure you'll eat out at times. Coincidentally, Pulitzer-prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly has just put together his list of 99 essential LA restaurants.

You've already checked out one of his top choices, Cut, that steakhouse restaurant of Wolfgang Puck near your new abode in Beverly Hills, but you may be wondering about the other locales.

Fret not. This intrepid reporter is checking out all (the ones I can afford) of them for you.

First up is Casa Bianca.

The cozy restaurant has a classic homey vibe, perfect for taking the kids out to enjoy a good pizza. The tables are small, but Casa Bianca waiters quickly put them together to accommodate larger parties, so there should be plenty of room for your bodyguards to join you at the same table.

Though they serve pasta in numerous concoctions, Gold is effusive in his praise for the Casa Bianca pizza pie, and I have to say, it is a thin crust classic. I had the pepperoni with fresh tomatoes and garlic, and patrons can order from quite a variety of toppings. However, they don't get too oddball or fancy at this place, so don't bother looking for goat cheese or Thai basil.

The college kids from nearby Occidental who frequent the place also seem to make up most of the staff, and they're attentive without hovering.

Final recommendation: Go. Don't just go for the pizza, either. The cannolis are delicious and fresh, as is the Caprese salad.

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Bob Ramsey said...


Casa Bianca is already too crowded. Don't tell anyone else.

But if you must go, always start with the Deluxe Pizza. I have a friend who's been going there for all of his life and has never had anything else.