Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday rankings LB Style (June 25)

Change was swift throughout the rankings. Some clubs dropped like a rock in water, others moved up every so slightly.

1. New York (6-3-3). And an Angel shall lead them.
2. New England (6-2-4). Pieced together strong, resilient and much-needed performance at home.
3. Houston (7-5-1). Two strong wins against playoff contenders in four days.
4. FC Dallas (8-6-1). While the rest of the league plays 30 games, FC Dallas will play 40 regular season games... somehow... or not, just seems like it.
5. Kansas City (6-4-2). The anti-Dynamo, at least for this week; two bad losses in five-day span.
6. D.C. United (5-4-2). Of all teams, RSL exposed DC United's weakness: shoddy defending.
7. Chivas USA (5-4-2). An angry Preki cracked the whip on 'em; players went from airport to training field or gym.
8. Toronto FC (4-7-1). Suddenly, the next month away from Beemo seems very long.
9. Columbus (3-4-6). I have seen him in person now and I'll say this: Barros Schelotto is a god.
10. Colorado (4-6-3). Is time running out on Fernando Clavijo?
11. Real Salt Lake (1-5-6). Robbie Findley will make people forget about Jeff Cunningham.
12. Chicago (4-6-2). Sara-canned; despite what players felt, firing was just. Results dictated it.
13. Galaxy (2-6-3). Uh, did someone say firing? The question is, will Frank Yallop actually get to coach David Beckham?

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