Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a surprise

Titulares Telemundo has become a giant bitch-fest between co-hosts Andres Cantor and Alejandro Blanco. The two pretty much blamed Mexico's loss on the penalty called on Jonny Magallon for knocking down Brian Ching. They showed that replay quite a few times but only showed the Feilhaber goal once or twice.

I had left it on SportsCenter to see if they showed anything on the game but I can only stand so much college baseball so I gave up on it.

So I'm left with a heavily-weighted-toward-Mexico coverage or heavily-weighted-toward-games-I-don't-care-about coverage.

I should have just gone to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Telemundo is the absolute worst. This Alejandro Blanco character is a putz and so is Cantor. Really, they rarely give good insight and blab endlessly about things that are not important.

However, once you compare them to say ESPN, they look like Emmy award winning commentators. ESPN is all about Yankees, Red Sox and World Series of Poker. Oh can't forget those morons Kornheiser and Jim Rome. Wait, Sal Palantonio jas some breaking news on Donovan McNabb and T.O.

Fox soccer gets a good rating from me today. My favorite is Christopher Sullivan. He is the best by far right now. Max Bretos is misinformed and dramatic. He insisted on calling Nery Castillo Uruguayan and that Mexico always need that touch of class from South America. Really? Nery is Mexican born and the Mexican constituion guarantees his citizenship just like the US constitution guarantees my citizenship. Bretos gets an A for effort but he makes a lot of mistakes.

Also, FSC gets props for showing the trophy presentation. Bretos gets an F for not knowing what was going down w/ Guardado on the pitch on a stretcher.


Chris said...

how was univision? i was forced to watch it on FSC (horrible). I was hoping to watch the game on univision so i could hear them whining about the loss.

Anonymous said...

Univision had better pre-game coverage than I expected. Their in-game commentators are horrible.

The pre-game featured fans of both teams, studio festivity, interviews, practice footage etc...

They inexplicably bombed even worse than FSC with the postgame coverage because they did not even show the trophy ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Sportscenter newscasters did a decent job covering the game. They aired about 30 seconds of highlights and the newscaster I saw even pronounced names correctly.

degerron said...

I saw the trophy presentation on Univision. They had a 1 hour post-game Republica Depotivo which was cool because they comments from the Mexican and USA fans. They had interviews with Beasley, Dononvan, Hugo Sanchez, and a few Mexican players. The also talked to spanish speaking US fans in the stands after the game. As far as in game was concern I thought Univision didn't allow ifself to get caught up showing Mexician celbs like it did Thursday night. But I was disappointed with them not showing the Marquez elbow to Gooch. All they showed was Gooch on the ground. Still thought their coverage was pretty enjoyable over all.