Sunday, June 24, 2007

My bad

In hindsight, I shouldn't have called Marcos Gonzalez a name. It was not professional, whether it's here on a blog or in any medium. I apologize.


Anonymous said...

That's alright and understandable. So in lieu of you doing it, I'll pick it up.

Marcos Gonzalez is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

LB, just curious, are you able to go in the locker room when you cover the Womens National Team or WUSA or say the squads that US plays against? Just curious.

There is no excuse for Marcos behavior towards a.c.

However, I was just curious if there is some protocol there and what it would be.

The US constitution protects Marcos even if he is not a citizen. Therefore he has a right of privacy. It seems the Crew PR people dropped the ball here.


L.B. said...

Actually, the only time we have locker room access is in MLS games. International matches, such as national team games or InterLiga, as well as women's games use a mixed zone. Basically, reporters are kept behind railings and players walk by us. They can stop and talk or walk on by.

I don't know what access other reporters around the world have but I did cover the 2002 World Cup and they had mixed zones, so I'm assuming that most other places follow that standard.

Anonymous said...



jason said...

The right to privacy does not apply here at all. They are at work and not at home. They are not revealing any more than is common when they exchange shirts.

He only had a problem with one reporter and stated the reason for that problem. A religious belief cannot trump a workplace duty to prevent sex discriminiation. There are only a few exceptions when churches hire and not sports teams.

These aren't opinions, these are well-known facts.

Here's my opinion: Marcos Gonzalez was an asshole. And it is okay to say so when a profession is so clearly slighted. Sport is about talent and aesthetics, not manliness.

Another one: Gonzalez should not be paid for that day. The Crew should also be fined. This is embarassing.

And another: I'm glad Canales didn't slow down her writing, which I have enjoyed over the last few years.