Thursday, June 28, 2007

Missing from both sides

I got several responses from readers about the Mexico-Brazil game letting me know that that wasn't Brazil's best team and that had Brazil played its best team Mexico would have lost by a lot.

It's funny because I spent a lot of time writing about how Mexico's own best players weren't there but somehow that didn't seem to matter to any of those particular readers.

Criticize Dunga's player selection all you want, I had some of those sorts of responses as well. But to say that Brazil can only win if their best players are on the field is preposterous. If any team has depth to spare, it's Brazil.


Anonymous said...

as with any group stage games, you rarely know what they mean until the elimination games begin. meaning, how many of us thought the czech thumping of the US in the first game of the WC indicated the czech's were on their way to the finals, only to find it was their best performance against our worst.

point i am making is, we will not know if brazil is that bad or mexico is that good until we see how mexico fares against chile and ecuador.

either way, congrats to mexico for beating brazil. victories for brazil (on a neutral field) are always few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me. A so called weaker Brasil is better than 90% of the teams in the world. I am hearing a lot of excuses from Brasil fans and some Mexico skeptics.

Clearly, Brasil had the stronger squad on paper and in raw talent and skill.

Example: I can't think of a player other than Marquez, Castillo, injured Guardado that would start for Brasil. The unproven "B" guys for Mexico really had heck of a game. They deserve to start again.