Friday, June 22, 2007


There's a lot to like about the Copa America roster. Although Luis and others believe I'm partial to Rico, I have to admit that I was more enthused to see Lee Nguyen on the list. I like Rico's hustle, but Nguyen's creativity is something special.

Other players I would have liked to see: Brad Davis (I'm partial to left-footers, and I thought he did well in the last Gold Cup.) Jose Burciaga (What does this guy have to do to get a look?) Claudio Reyna (One last hurrah) and Ned Grabavoy (He's a playmaker, and I like that as well.)

Yet it's not as if good arguments couldn't be made for those who went instead.

The headscratchers for me are Drew Moor and Danny Califf. Moor is a nice player, but the pick surprised me. Califf, honestly, I think he's better suited for European play. Small, fast and tricky attacking players seem to get the best of him far too often. Copa America will be loaded with those.


Braden said...

Yeah, I'm also puzzled by Califf and Moor. Good, but I just don't think either player has a chance in hell of playing in the World Cup in 2010.

And what's up with Gaven? I like the kid, but he's been riding the bench for the Crew this season. How does that warrant a national team position?

L.B. said...

What about Ante Razov? He's not young by any means but wouldn't he fall in the Ben Olsen category of having veterans who can help get the kids in line?

Maybe Bob didn't want to completely strip Chivas USA of all their players.

For that matter, what about Jeff Cunningham?

Crewcat said...

Chavez needs to keep his head down in box with the way Gaven's shots have been off target this season.

That said I don't expect Eddie to see much time For that Crew fans are not happy to be losing him at a time when we've got 3 U-20's off for a month in Canada.