Thursday, June 28, 2007

US chances

Draw. That's what I think will happen in the US-Argentina game. I think it'll end up a draw.

I may be way off. I might receive a lot of responses calling me crazy... but then again, I can't write one SI column without that happening anyway.

I asked Landon Donovan what he had to say about Bob Bradley and he spoke highly of him:

The mentality of how are we better as a team defensively and how are we on the same page, being connected with someone, helping someone out, that mentality has to get across and now that we have kind of stability, now it doesn’t matter hopefully who you bring in and who you put in. You’re going to maybe lose a little talent-wise here or there, speed-wise here or there but at least we have that mentality and hopefully that makes us successful.

Bob's put his stamp on the team. The top players are not there, but there is quality nonetheless. This isn't the U-17 AYSO Section 27 All-Stars.

US 1, Argentina 1.


Anonymous said...

It's already 1-1, I doubt its stay that way.

Anonymous said...

4-1 :(

end already!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, Luis. It felt good to be tied with those guys, though.

Anonymous said...

it was 1-1 until the beginning of the second half...I never thought it would last THAT long, but it was goooooood while it lasted! :)
Let's be happy as of right now we are third in our group ahead of Columbia. Yes, we will see how long that lasts as well. ~~~~crosses fingers~~~~ Right, until Monday then, Cheers USMNT!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Gaven for Ben Olsen changed the game.