Friday, June 29, 2007

A sampling

A lot of the e-mails I get from my SI stuff are well-written responses and I should respond to more than I do.

But then there is drivel like this that comes into my mailbox. I've actually stopped reading ones that come across without a return e-mail. It shows up in my mailbox as an e-mail address as the sender and "mailbag" in the subject line. So when the sender is "(unknown)" I don't bother because usually those are just viscous personal attacks.

This one, though, was sort of like that because I doubt this guy's name or e-mail address is legit. I don't know if he's 12 or was on something when he wrote it and before I zap it altogether I figured I'd share it here (and no I didn't change the spelling or grammar or anything)

Yeah..I have a few coments...

Arg-4 US-1...Huh? Did Donovan and the other so called stars now this was going to happen? Donovan and the rest of the "stars" wld have faced the same outcome...So they beat Mexico..big freaking deal...that call turned the game around, anyone cld see that..but they did make one goal it was nice, but the pk that had citizenship written all over it$$$.. that goal Won the Game for the US.

Come on are the rest of the US "stars" that scared to face the rest of the wrld? There are more teams out there other than mexico you know..How about argentina..Oh! wait they just lost againts them...brazil, Italy, Portugal, France, England, Spain ect.. How are they going to get better? by playing mexico?

So, should your article say the Ref wins the game again..or US falls to another Soccer giant again..efforts not good enouh...not enough pks given...I usto cheer on the US until I started to see all the web sites talking about how they are the next big thing in concaf.. you make socccer look ugly man..just let the players play the game..don't bash anyone until your team can prove themselves..World Cup 06 was not a good showing for the US. They have not proven anything to me that says they are better than anyone..A pk gold cup wow..I like many pks did US get during the cup? Hmmm one to many I think.

I end with this..keep an eye for the future..the mexicans have a great crop of stars coming up..not a lot for US...Fredie Adu or what ever his name is...and Donovans game is only going to last as lond a s his hair line just remember that the players around the wrld do read the crap you write and it only fires them up and when they do play and humiliate your team then what crap will you have to say then.

Later Bueno...wait are you not bashing the wrong team? hmm I cld swear that your name sounds...Oh but let me guess your were born in the states..riiight..hmm and that gives you the right to bash Latinos...pretty sad man...Just remember that good things never last..just ask the red sox...


Anonymous said...

the line about donovan's hair line was pretty funny though...

Anonymous said...

Wow, still not sure wht the little guys point is though. maybe his spell check is broken