Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Rankings (June 18)

The top and bottom remain almost unchanged in what is becoming a theme for this season thus far. The middle is again reshuffling as seem teams are finding their form while others are losing it.

1. Kansas City (6-2-2). Three goals in first game without Eddie Johnson; did not do well to hold onto lead, though.
2. New York (6-3-3). Juan Pablo Angel scores for Red Bulls - what else is new?
3. Chivas USA (5-3-2). Quietly has the league's best defense.
4. D.C. United (5-3-2). Offense is surging.
5. New England (5-2-4). Blowing two-goal lead to Columbus - to anybody, really - at home is unacceptable.
6. Houston (5-5-1). Will be well-rested for Thursday's match against Chivas.
7. Toronto FC (4-6-1). This team can flat out play soccer.
8. FC Dallas (7-6-1). Yes, they have the most points in the league, but they've played 14 games already and have looked average in many of them.
9. Colorado (4-5-3). Rapids have inexplicably fallen on hard times.
10. Galaxy (2-4-3). Suddenly, club has many players at its disposal. Defense still looked as firm as spaghetti, though.
11. Chicago (4-6-2). Good news: Cuauhtemoc will arrive in Chicago this week. Bad news: he'll do so because of the Gold Cup.
12. Columbus (1-4-6). At least this team doesn't quit.
13. Real Salt Lake (0-5-6). Hopefully the club will be much improved when the new stadium opens in 08.

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Anonymous said...

I would use the fact that Dallas has played 14 games, with 4 thurs-sun combos, as a reason why they have looked ordinary. When rested, which seems to be uncommon, the team has performed well and won. They struggle in the 2nd game of these stupid series. I think their class will show through as the schedule becomes less strenous on a depleted roster.